On-line Suspended Solid Monitoring Revolution

On-line Suspended Solid Monitoring Revolution

TC-1000 cover

  • On-line Monitoring. The SSD Checker can be used for continuous monitoring of the water turbidity (TC-100/500/3000) and suspended solids (TCS-1000) . Analogue output (4-20mA) allows you to use this checker with various equipments.
  • Wiper for easy maintenance
    Original wiper certainly keeps lenses clean.
    Stain of lenses need to be checked only once a month.
  • Compact size
    Simple cylindrical design in compact size approx ¢32 x 170mm (1.26 x 6.69 inch).

    SSD Checker Application

    Requires small space to set up the unit.

  • High durability
    Durable stainless steel has been used for the sensor casing.
    Stainless steel = 18-15-2.5 Cr-Ni-Mo low C stainless steel
    Lenses are made of hard-to-scratch sapphire glass.
VoIP Systems

VoIP Systems

VoIP is a low cost alternative to traditional phone system. If you are setting up new office or considering renewing your existing PBX system, you should consider using VoIP system. Helixus Technology even make one step further – by integrating with the cloud technology, we can now implement phone service to our clients instantaneously without the hassle of setting up PBX system but retaining all phone features like voice mail, conference call, caller ID and call forwards.  it is extremely useful for SME environment.

Instant Office

Instant Office

Instant Office is a new concept of setting up and managing computer and networking facilities for nowaday offices. For SME to establish a new office, various resources are required and many of them involve different level of expertises like desktop computers, files and application servers, PBX phone system and networking infrastructure. It will be time consuming and costly to build such facilities from scratch.

Now, with Instant Office technology, all these facilities are ready in no time. It is completely scalable and cost effective.  Instant Office provides the following sevices:

  1. Office phone line and full featured voice service. You own your own PBX system
  2. File storage by using top of the line cloud service  by Microsoft. Corporate associates who join the Instant Office service can access shared files as if they have their file server installed in there office.
  3. Virtual Desktop. Run your desktop from anywhere and and device as if you are using your desktop in the office.
  4. Video conference service (optional)
  5. Application server (optional)